Three Instagram Tips for Bloggers
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Three Instagram Tips for Bloggers


Three Tips for Bloggers On Instagram

Are you a blogger? Are you on Instagram? You should be. Instagram is a social media site all about photos. You share your photos and can like and comment on others. Instagram is a great way to grow a community of blog readers, get to know people in your niche and look at great photos all day long.

When you first start an Instagram account, think about using your blog name for the username. That way, you can get your blog name out into the world and that will connect everything together.

After you create your account, you can connect with Facebook and Twitter. You can get a list of all of your Facebook friends that are also using Instagram. Do not add all of them if this account is for your blog. I will explain why later on.

Gaining Instagram Followers

You want the people you follow on Instagram to be people who like your blog and your brand. Not just your friends. Let’s say you have a blog about fishing. You love fishing and you talk all about how to fish, what equipment to use, what you need to know to be a better fisherman, etc. Adding all your Facebook friends to that account will mean that a lot of people who don’t care about fishing will now be following you. Some of them will end up unfollowing you later anyway. That being said, a lot of times Instagram will tell all of your Facebook friends that you have a new account on Instagram and they can follow you. A lot of people do without even checking what the account is about. Keep this in mind if you are starting an account you don’t want all of your Facebook friends to see.

The best way to gain followers on Instagram is to start posting great photos that have to do with your niche and searching for people who would enjoy them. The more people you follow, the more people will follow you back.

Love all these flowers! #flowers #summer #kentucky

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Post On Instagram Often

In order to grow and make the most of Instagram, you need to be posting on your account on a regular basis. You don’t have to go overboard. Some people only post a couple of times a week. You just want to make sure you are doing so on a regular basis. What should you post? That depends on your blog and your niche. One of my Instagram accounts does really well when I post memes. Another one doesn’t but people love the travel photos. You have to figure out who your ideal audience is and then create an account that brings them in.

When you are posting your photos, you should be using hashtags. How many? That’s debatable. What I have done was I went into my phone’s settings and created a couple of shortcuts. I just need to type a few letters and the hashtags I want to use come up. This speeds up time and will allow your photos to show up under that hashtag every time.

Tennessee! #clarksville #tennessee #clarksvilletn

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Connect With People

Connecting on Twitter is a must. Like people’s photos. Comment when it makes sense to. Get to know people and allow them to get to know you. Instagram is a social media site and you want to be social when you are on the app. There have been a lot of times when I have commented on a photo and the next thing I know that person has followed me. Commenting and liking puts you out into the Instagram world.

You also want to try to respond to comments on your own photos. This is easy to do when you first get started. It’s a great way to connect to those who have liked what you posted. You can also ask questions to get people to comment.

If you are a blogger and you have ignored Instagram, go change that and set up an account right now. You don’t have to share photos of yourself and your family. You can share photos from your blog, about what you are doing, what you are working on, where you are traveling too, etc. Whatever will work for your blog’s audience.

We saw The Secret Life of Pets this afternoon. Super cute 🙂 @thesecretlifeofpetsofficial

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Leave a comment and let me know if you are on Instagram or have plans to start an account. You can find me as BloggingJulie over there. Looking forward to connecting!


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