Why You Need a Target Audience and How To Find It

Why You Need a Target Audience and How To Find It

Why You Need a Target Audience and How To Find It

Why You Need a Target Audience and How To Find It

When I first started blogging, I didn’t really think much about sticking to a niche. I knew I would blog about military life, but I also thought I would blog about whatever else came to mind. In some of my earlier years, I would post about being pregnant, going different places, or anything I felt like blogging about that day.

This type of blogging isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Some people do really well with this kind of lifestyle blog. Their readers get to know them on a very personal level, and it doesn’t matter if they are blogging about what they are growing in their garden or where they went on vacation, the readers love it.

I wanted my blog to be there for military spouses. When I thought of my target audience, that is who I thought of. The military spouse who is looking for support, resources, or who just wants to read something, so they know they are not alone.

The biggest thing was realizing that my blog was not for everyone.

I had my target audience in mind, and that is who I started to write for. I tried to think of topics that I knew about and that would add value to their lives. I thought about what they would want to read and any issues they might be going through.


After a few years, I had finally figured out one way to grow, niche down. So that is what I did. And you know what happened? I started to grow. More than I had in the past. More than I had in the previous years. I started to grow because I became more focused and more consistent about what I was blogging about.

This works for many different topics. If you have a blog about owning dogs, does it make sense to have a lot of blog posts about how to feed your kids healthy lunches? No, it really doesn’t. You could, however, do a post on healthy food for dogs or what lunch foods are okay for dogs to eat.

But how do you decide what to blog about? How do you niche down when you have so many thoughts in your head?

The first thing you want to do is think about what you want your blog to be about. What do you see yourself being able to write about month after month? What topics interest you and what topics can you expand on?

One thing you can do write down everything that interests you and then from that come up with the main topic that you can create categories for. For example, if your blog is about writing a book, you could have categories about brainstorming ideas, character development, time management, publishing your book, and marketing your book.

Thinking of your ideal reader as an actual person can help. What types of posts would they read? What questions do they want to have answered? What types of things are they interested in?

When you start your blog and start to gain a following, you will lose people along the way.

People will unfollow you on social media and unsubscribe to your email list. This is all okay even if it is hard to not take personally. You want the people that love to see your stuff on their social media accounts and in their email boxes to be the ones following you. Having people who are truly not interested in what you have to say doesn’t make any sense and makes for lower engagement.

When you start your blog and put your words out into the world, you will attract people who enjoy what you have to say. You will be able to find them through social media, SEO, and word of mouth. The more you write about the topics they are interested in, the more they will come back to your blog for more.

While I think there is room to write about anything on your blog, make sure the majority of your posts do revolve around your main topic. That way you can grow your readers, they will want to connect with you, and you can indeed grow your blog into whatever you want the blog to be.

Do you have an idea for a blog? What will you be writing about?


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