6 Ways to Combat Loneliness When You Are a WAHM
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6 Ways to Combat Loneliness When You Are a WAHM

6 Ways to Combat Loneliness When You Are a WAHM

6 Ways to Combat Loneliness When You Are a WAHM

This school year is the first time I have hours and hours of kid-free time during the day, every day, to work at home. The boys get on the bus and then return home about 8 hours later. So for those 8 hours, I do a few chores, go for a walk and the rest of the time I am sitting at my computer working.

Obviously, I don’t have co-workers. I don’t have people I see at the office. I do see people at the bus stop and my neighbors but that might be all the personal interaction I have during the day.

As much as I love working from home, doing so can get a bit lonely at times. The house is quiet and that can lead to feeling lonely during the work day. Even if you have kids home with you, you might be missing that adult interaction.

Here are a few things you can do to combat loneliness if you are a WAHM.

1. Take a day off- I have worked into my schedule a day off on Wednesdays. Now this doesn’t mean I always take the whole day off. I volunteer for MOPS so I go to that, get my grocery shopping done, run errands, meet friends for coffee or lunch and try to make doctor’s appointments on that day. This gets me out of the house and breaks up the week a little bit. If you can, see if you can do the same. This will depend on what you do from home and if your schedule will allow it. You could always stop working early on a Friday to get that time in too.

2. Find online groups- I belong to a few online blogging groups and that helps. I can learn from the other bloggers and connect with them. It helps to know that we are all doing the same type of work even if we are in our own homes working. Going on Twitter during the day can also be helpful. Just start talking to others, ask a question or interact with some of your followers. That can help with not feeling so alone.

3. Coworking spaces- We don’t really have this option here but if you live someplace that does, coworking spaces can be a good way to feel like you are in an office setting without having to always go to an office. With Coworking spaces you would pay a certain amount per day to work at a desk. Some of these spaces are pretty simple and others have more to them. This would allow you to be around other people during the day but still be able to get your work done.

4. Listen to podcasts- I know not everyone can listen to podcasts while they are working and sometimes I just have to put on music, but if I can, I will run podcasts during the day and that helps with the loneliness. Just hearing people talk is nice. Others can put a tv on as background noise and that helps with a quiet house.

5. Work at a coffee shop- Coffee shops are great places to go to get some work done. Most places want you to buy something for their free WiFi or they might charge per hour. Some places do have rules so make sure you understand what they are before you set up at one of their tables for the day.

6. Get a dog- My dog is the best! And she helps with the loneliness for sure. I talk to her during the day and often times she just hangs out with me while I am working. Pets can help with the WAHM loneliness as they are a quiet companion.

As you can see, loneliness doesn’t have to be an issue for the WAHM. There are ways to be around others and get out into the world without giving up too much work time.

How do you handle loneliness as a WAHM?

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