What I Love About Fall
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What I Love About Fall

What I Love About Fall

What I Love About Fall

I grew up in Southern California. We really don’t have 4 seasons there. Sure, it is a little cooler in the winter than in the summer but Southern California doesn’t have seasons like other places I have lived. After living in Kentucky, Germany and now Tennessee, I am now a big fan of fall and everything the season brings with it. Somehow, the fall doesn’t last as long as I would like the season to last.

Now that it is September, I am in fall mode. I am trying to ignore the fact that we do have some 90-degree weather in our forecast or that we are still wearing shorts. Fall weather will be here soon enough.

So what do I love about fall? Here is my list…

pumpkin spice latte

Pumpkin Spice Everything! From lattes to M&Ms, tis the season for Pumpkin Spice! What’s funny is after a few weeks I am ready for peppermint mochas but once I start seeing pumpkin spice everywhere, I know fall is almost here and that makes me happy. Time to go get my first Pumpkin Spiced Latte!

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Fall Leaves

I get so happy when I start to see the leaves change color. I feel like I need to have my camera on me all the time and I never feel like photos can truly capture how lovely everything is. In October, when everything is so orange and lovely, I look around and love what I see. Sure, having to rake up the leaves can be a pain but you can always play in them before you do so 😉 I know the fall leaves will be a big thing I will miss if we move back to Southern California.

Fall Scents

September means breaking out the fall scents. From candles to Scentsy to essential oils. I want my house to smell like fall. There is just something about a strong fall scent that makes you feel at home and relaxed during the fall season.


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Halloween! We love Halloween around here. There are so many things going on. From city events to churches to walking around our neighborhood. The boys really get into Halloween and we always seem to have at least one Star Wars character in the mix. I need to talk to the boys about what they want to be for Halloween this year.

Fall Leaves

Cooler weather! Sweaters and jeans! I love jeans. I hate shorts. But I hate being too hot more than I hate shorts so I wear them. As soon as the weather gets colder, I put away the shorts and enjoy my jeans. And my leggings and yoga pants. I love those too. I also love that we can go days and days, sometimes weeks without running the AC or the heater. In the summer the AC has to run non-stop and the winter, the heater is always on but the fall? We don’t need them every day and I love that. Much better on the budget too.

pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patches! We have several around here that are worth going to. Some years there are more pumpkins than others. I love that you can feel all the fall when you go to them and the boys love to pick out their own pumpkins.

What about you? What is your favorite thing about fall???

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