6 Tips For a Better Twitter Experience
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6 Tips For a Better Twitter Experience

6 Tips For a Better Twitter ExperienceThis post contains affiliate links!

6 Tips For a Better Twitter Experience

I love twitter! I first joined back in 2009 and have been a fan of Twitter ever since. Twitter is such a different type of social media platform than Facebook is. A lot of people who have never been on Twitter before and have only used Facebook feel very confused, and with good reason. Twitter is a completely different place so you need to be aware of that if you are planning to use Twitter to help you grow your blog.

One way I see the difference between the two is that most things that get posted on Twitter go out into the world never to be seen again. Yes, they can be ReTweeted and that can extend their life but for the most part, they are gone. If you only go on Twitter at 9am every morning, you will have missed a lot of tweets you will never see again. Although if you go to the actual Twitter page, Twitter will show you people that they think you want to see, even since it has been hours since they tweeted their tweet.

On Facebook, things don’t move as fast and they don’t get lost like they can on Twitter. You can also use as many words and characters as you want. On Twitter, you are limited by 140 characters. This can sometimes be frustrating and if you have more to say you will need to do so over more than on Tweet.

Knowing the difference between Facebook and Twitter will go a long way in helping you have a good experience on Twitter.

So if you are already on Twitter you might be wondering what to do with the platform. Should you tweet out your links? Post about what you ate for dinner? Talk about what’s important to you?

How can you have a better Twitter experience? Here are 6 Tips For a Better Twitter Experience:

Have your purpose

You should have a reason why you are on Twitter in the first place. Do you just enjoy the platform? Do you want to promote your blog? Do you want to connect with your blog readers? Once you have that figured out you can better spend your time there. You will know what you should be tweeting and what tone to take in your tweets.

Tweet often

One of the best ways to use Twitter is to go on there on a regular basis and tweet to your followers. This means tweeting in real time, not just scheduled posts. You can share about your day, bring up something you are wondering about, talk about what tv show you are watching or bring up a topic that has to do with your niche. You want other people to connect back with you so it helps when you take the time to go on Twitter and actually talk to them.

ReTweet often

If you see something you like, ReTweet it. A “like” is good but a ReTweet will share the post with all of your followers. It means a little more. You can simply ReTweet share the tweet or you can add your own words to the ReTweet.

Reply often

Do what you can to reply to people who are talking to you and feel free to reach out and talk with others based on what they have tweeted. Twitter is all about having conversations so if you want to respond to what someone says, do so, whether they are following you back or not. When you first start doing this it can feel like you are butting in on someone else’s conversation but this is pretty much how Twitter works.

Using Twitter Lists

Make lists

Making lists will be one of the most important things you can do as your Twitter account grows. You can make a list and add whoever you want to it. You can put the people you really want to see on a list, your customers, those in your niche, news outlets, famous celebrities, etc. Make as many as you think you might need in order to stay organized. You can make them private or public and they are easy to make. The truth is, unless you are following very few people, you will want to make a list to be able to interact with others without feeling so overwhelmed by your feed.

Use Photos

When you can and it makes sense to do so, use a photo in your Tweet. I schedule out most of the tweets that I send from my own blogs as well as other blogs I want to share. I just switched to Post Planner and I love it, even more than Buffer. Whether you use Post Planner or Buffer, when you share from those sites they will grab the photo from the link and post the photo with your tweet which makes it very easy to post on Twitter with the photo.

What about you? Are you on Twitter? What are your best tips?

You can connect with me on Twitter too 🙂

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