9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland
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9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland


9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland

I love Disneyland. I always have. I grew up right by Disneyland and had a pass from the time I was 10 until I left for college in 1997. I have taken my boys a handful of times and this past summer we spent three whole days at Disneyland and California Adventure. It was the first time my six-year-old had ever been.

I love taking my kids to Disneyland. When they were little, I loved to just be there with them in the park. As they have gotten older, I love experiencing Disneyland with older kids who can go on all the rides. Disneyland is a magical place.

9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland

Here are nine reasons why I love to take my kids to Disneyland:

1. My favorite rides

I love being able to go on rides with my kids that I loved growing up. Seeing their reactions is awesome, especially when they come off a ride they absolutely love. Being able to go on Space Mountain or Indiana Jones with my own kids is always so much fun.

2. To show them my childhood

Because I grew up going to Disneyland, I have a lot of memories there. For example, on our last trip, I took my 12 and 10-year-old to what used to be Tom Sawyer’s Island. I have so many memories of going there in the afternoons growing up, and now I was there with my own kids. While the island has changed a lot since the 80s and 90s, it was still a lot of fun.

3. The characters

As we were waiting in line, Goofy came up to us and gave my 12-year-old a hug. Although my boys weren’t really interested in waiting in lines to see characters, he still got a huge smile on his face. I got excited when I saw Belle and the Beast roaming around Fantasyland. Seeing your favorite movies come alive is always a treat.

4. Star Wars is coming

While Star Wars land (Galaxy’s Edge) isn’t open yet, there is plenty of Star Wars stuff around Disneyland already. And you can see part of Galaxy’s Edge being built. We got to see some of this new land from the parking lot and more while riding Big Thunder Mountain.

9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland

5. The history

Disneyland is filled with history, and I love sharing it all with my boys. When I learn a new historical fact about Disneyland, I like to share it with them. The other day I was showing them an old photo of the Skyway and telling them about going on that ride and then when it was closed.

6. Because it is super fun

My 10-year-old who has Asperger’s had such a good time at Disneyland. Even though it was hot and crowded, he had a blast and is hoping we can go again next summer. My six-year-old wasn’t too much of a fan of some of the rides but loved walking around and watching the parades. My 12 year old just loves everything about the place. It’s always a good thing when your kids are having a good time.

7. To watch Disneyland grow and change

Whether we go again next year or have to wait until later on, when we go again, Disneyland will look a little different. Every time I go there are small changes that are fun to notice. I love that I can share that with my boys. When they are grown, we can talk about everything that has changed about the place.

8. Making memories

Making memories with your kids is the best. There are so many ways to make memories with your kids and Disneyland is one of those ways. I always take a lot of photos when we go, and I know looking back on those over the years will be fun.

9 Reasons Why I Love Taking My Kids To Disneyland

9. The magic

Disneyland is filled with magic that other amusement parks don’t have, even if they too are a lot of fun. Even the bathrooms seem cleaner and more taken care of than at other places. Disneyland truly has magic and being able to enjoy that with my three boys is something I am really thankful for.

Have you been to Disneyland with your kids?


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