I Tried Blue Apron and This is What I Thought
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I Tried Blue Apron and This is What I Thought

I Tried Blue Apron and This is What I Thought

I Tried Blue Apron and This is What I Thought

For months now I have heard people using a service called, “Blue Apron.” I was curious about the service and decided to try Blue Apron out for myself. If you don’t know, Blue Apron is a nationwide delivery service that will send you a box of meals with the ingredients that you need to make them. You won’t need anything else except for salt, pepper and olive oil.

This is not a sponsored review. I ended up using a $30 off coupon and went with the 2-person, 3 meals a week plan. You can also do the family plan which serves 4 people and you can get 2 or 4 a week. You also get a bit of a choice on the meals. You can decide if you want beef, poultry, fish, shellfish, lamb and pork. You can also check if you are a vegetarian or not. I unchecked the fish and shellfish since I am not that big of a fish person.

After I customized my meals, I was able to pick the day I wanted my food delivered. I went for Friday. After I did that I wondered if I should have planned the delivery for a Monday. But after I made all three meals, two on the weekend and one last night, Friday was a good idea. More on that later.

On Friday morning I received my box. I was a little sad to see the box looked a little crushed in one corner. I was worried that the food was ruined. It wasn’t but their website says that your food should be fine even if the box is outside all day waiting for you to get home from work.

I pulled everything out and loved how things were labeled. Made it easy to pick out each of the ingredients I needed for each recipe. Especially for the items I wasn’t as familiar with.

I Tried Blue Apron and This is What I Thought

We got the three meals:

Mexican Beef Quesadillas with Creamy Corn & Shishito Pepper Salsa

Seared Chicken & Fregola Sarda with Salsa Verde, Corn & Tomato

Neapolitan-Style Stewed Vegetables & Farro with Summer Beans, Sweet Pepper & Gremolata


Blue Apron

I made the first meal, Mexican Beef Quesadillas with Creamy Corn & Shishito Pepper Salsa on Saturday for lunch. It took me a little over an hour to make them. I really liked how the instructions are laid out with photos and highlighted ingredients. We actually had extra beef so I made a few extra quesadillas with my own tortillas.

blue apron


On Sunday I made Seared Chicken & Fregola Sarda with Salsa Verde, Corn & Tomato. This also took about an hour to make. This meal also made enough food for the two of us although I did make a salad to go with everything.

blue apron


Monday night I made Neapolitan-Style Stewed Vegetables & Farro with Summer Beans, Sweet Pepper & Gremolata. I wasn’t as excited about this one and as it was Monday night, after a work day, I was a bit more tired. This one also took me an hour and I just wasn’t as into cooking the meal. It rarely takes me that long to normally make dinner during the week so I am not sure I really enjoyed that meal taking so long.

blue apron

I think there are a lot of great things about Blue Apron. I love how easy the instructions make cooking the meal easier even if you are not a good cook. I also think these type of meals can help you get used to cooking healthier and better meals for your family. They tasted great and allow you to try something new.

As I was trying these meals I wanted to see if they would be a good fit for my entire family and I am not sure my children would enjoy them like we did. The cost is also a factor. If I stuck to the 2 -person, 3 meals a week plan I would pay $59.94 plus tax each week. I am just not sure this would be the best use of our money on our food. I know we already have to spend money on food and if we did get these meals we would be spending less than normal but I am still not sure they add up.

I have heard the meals save time. They didn’t for me because I normally don’t cook like this. I am more basic with my cooking or do a crockpot meal. If you are already making meals like this, they would probably save you time.

I think Blue Apron is great for trying something new. I think I would love a once a week option for a lower price. They would be fun to make every weekend when we have a little more time.

Trying out blue apron

I am also curious about how Blue Apron compares to other services like this. I would love to eventually try out a few more and compare.

I am debating on trying Blue Apron another week. You are able to skip weeks very easily on the website so I think I will wait until I see 3 meals I really want to try.

One thing these meals have done was to get me more into using recipes instead of just making the same old things.  I don’t like to cook usually and I want to change that because I do love to eat good meals.

Have you tried Blue Apron? What did you think? Do you enjoy a different service instead?


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